If you'd like to support me (financially or not), there's lots of different ways to do so:
  • Download my maps - By downloading my maps, you already directly support me: is a URL shortener service which pays you a small amount of money for every click your link gets. I'm able to make some money thanks to my maps. If you'd like to enroll in the program and make some money too, click here and register.
  • Share my blog - Tell your friends, your neighbours, ...! Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+!
  • YouTube - I'm also pretty active on YouTube and I usually upload trailers of my own maps or gameplay of other games like GTA IV, Cube World or mods for Minecraft such as Pixelmon, Tekkit, Feed the Beast and also mods for GTA IV: LCPD:FR (First Response) in particular. Visit my channel here and subscribe if you want more!
  • Minecraft Forum - The Minecraft Forum is the place where I'm the most active on. This is also the place where I first upload(ed) my maps and every map has their appropriate thread in the Maps section. If you like my maps, press the green up button at the thread, I just like those green buttons! Visit my profile here.
  • Planet Minecraft - Not so long ago, I also uploaded my maps to Planet Minecraft to reach a wider audience. Like you might know, PMC works with Diamonds and Subscribers. If you like my map, be so kind to give me a shiny Diamond for it! If you want to stay up-to-date about new maps and updates, subscribe. Visit my profile here.
  • Donate - If you have already done all of the previous things, I would be very grateful! If you do wish to support me financially or if you just want to buy me a coffee, click the button below. Any donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated.
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